A dairy farm jobs ?

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Today this article will be dedicated to the differents way to make money when you are travelling, in particulary to USA. We will stay focused on the dairy farm jobs

When searching for a farm jobs ?

Six months before the summer for large farm companies and administrations. A few weeks before the summer for small businesses, restaurants, shops or temporary agencies. Between March and April, many regional forums are organized to bring together employers looking for young people for the summer (for example by the CROUS).

What kind of contract ?

The summer job is subject to the same labor law 
as another job. The summer job corresponds to a fixed-term contract (CDD), 
with the trial periods, the signing of a contract, 
pension contribution, etc ... 
In contrast, unlike a conventional CDD, 
the seasonal contract n does not imply a precarious premium. 
The contract must mention your personal 
information (name, social security number ...), 
those of the employer and working conditions 
(duration of the contract, hourly rate, 
volume of weekly or monthly hours, tasks to be performed, 
remuneration gross, collective agreement in force ...). 
At the end of the contract, the employer must provide 
the employee with a work certificate for Pôle emploi, 
a work certificate and a receipt for the 
balance of any account.